What is Feng Shui – 2

//What is Feng Shui – 2

What is Feng Shui – 2

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The only substance to collect and contain qi is water, therefore the most fortunate sites are ones where there is water. It is no coincidence that the most expensive real estate is water frontage. As this is where qi collects, people want to gather, where people want to gather is much sought after, what is much sought after is highly priced.

The texts say
”Qi rides the wind and is retained at the boundary of water”

Feng Shui Principal states that “Water equals wealth”

Sites that catch the wind are the next most fortunate locations.

Mountains form natural barriers to  protect a site from strong winds. Strong winds disperse qi.
Nobody finds a wind swept plain a pleasant location. Sites that capture gentle breezes are fortunate.

The ideal landform has mountains to protect form strong winds yet captures gentle breezes with abundant water to collect qi.
The ideal configuration of mountains and water is called the “Dragons’s Lair”.

The study of the land form is called the “mountain top” school or better known as the form school.
Mountains and water courses are the source of qi. The quality of qi is measured by the compass formulas.
This is called the “Li Qi” school or better known as the qi distribution or compass school.
Actually both form and formulae, landscape and compass must go together to have good feng shui.

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