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The River School, Maleny

Part 2

“After the consultation there were dramatic changes. I went from feeling depressed and trapped to feeling uplifted and joyful. The Feng Shui improvements gave us a real boost, I felt we now had a future and I could see my way clear of all the problems we had been having. A court case that had stalled was suddenly settled, giving us a windfall. The win allowed us to have the first real holiday in years, buy a new car and new clothes. Even if nothing else good happens, this alone would have been well worth having the Feng Shui done. ”
Judith Z

The benefits I have experienced from Feng Shui have been so dramatic, so positive and so supportive of my health, wealth and happiness that I have become an avid pupil. ”
S B. Journalist

” Thank you so much for your report. We have commenced working the sales in Sydney differently, (on your recommendation) and they have made 4 sales this week, which have added around $22K to the annual revenues over 12 months. It’s one of the best weeks they have had for months.
In terms of the implementation, I have started on it and we’ve got the music in, new artworks being looked at, paint has been selected and purchased etc. It’s all coming together and I’m very grateful. It all made perfect sense.
Thank you again! ”
Rowena M., CEO

Karyn from Bellbunya

” Yes George, the pool is in and we have a fabulous area out the back there – very vibrant and alive.
The entrance has not been changed completely but have made partial changes. Rooms were painted and decorations appropriately coloured etc – all very harmonious and happy. That’s why it is easy to recommend you and your services.”
Karyn G

“The Shop has never had such a high turnover.”
Ulli Hansen, Owner ‘Earth Chant’, The Argyle Center, The Rocks, Sydney

” I’m very, very happy with the consultation. I’ve had more enquires and those enquires have turned into more customers, I’ve been awarded a lucrative government contract and I have a new romance. All of which George said would happen once I made the Feng Shui changes. I’ll definitely be getting George to design my new house. ”
Nada, Business Woman

” Wow ! What can I say, But $$$. ”
Mike GoodHue, Builder, Northboro Massachusetts, U.S.A

“George’s Professional approach to Feng Shui help me to understand how our building effects our work.”
Matthew Alderson, Solicitor

“I would like to thank you for the continuing support you have been giving me regarding my home. This house continues to satisfy the criteria I gave you when I engaged you as a Feng Shui consultant.(to locate a new house)
The moment I moved here my life started to expand at a rapid rate and my health improved remarkably. No more life-threatening bronchial flu, which I had had annually when I lived in my former home. The moment the water went in the large pond in the front of my house (which you advised) I was able to break free from a disagreeable association and move forward into a new, exciting business venture…… Since that time I have become more focused, more kind and helpful people have been turning up to help me, especially in my business life. Also since I have put a moving water feature in the large front pond there has been a further improvement in my overall feeling of well-being.
So George many thanks for your ongoing support. I look forward to continuing our wonderful association.
Robyn Simon, Business Woman

“Thanks George, this is excellent!
It was great to see you again and thank you for sharing your
knowledge with me. I am really pleased with the consultation, I played the DVD twice over the weekend. Can’t wait to…. start moving things around the house with the right placement, colours and shapes in each
room. I’ve already moved the triangular lamp into the Kitchen.”
Susan.B Public Relations Manager

“Thanks George…. we clearly made the appointment with you for a bigger reason than to check our colour schemes and renovation ideas. We have been lucky to have had the opportunity to have such information given to us so we are really going to use this opportunity to leads us to the right next step.”
Oliver M, Business Owner

“Hi George, thanks so much for Tuesday. I was not prepared for the huge impact it has had on me. My head has been full of so many thoughts relating to past, present and future.
In the meantime, thanks for pointing out the very large black spot – have not spent longer than a minute at a time in that office since.”
Brigitte. H,Author

“George. We meet with him (the architect) last week.
Deleted the pool, moved the front door, couldn’t move the wall but will do slats floor to ceiling and added another set of louvers to assist air flow downstairs (I think this will work really well to have a snaking air flow as opposed to gushing air, moved windows upstairs in main brm, enlarged window in 4th brm upstairs to allow negative energy to dissipate. I summarised your dvd and notes and addressed all.
So personally really happy. Looking forward to making it happen. We would really like to thank you for your guidance.
Kind Regards,”
Ian C, Real Estate Agent

“On the 12th of January 2007 George Bennis conducted a Chi Activation Ceremony at my house in Eumundi, Qld.
I can honestly say, I was speechless and overwhelmed at the presence of love and spiritual energy that was present in my house that night. Within 5 weeks all my bills were payed, I started a new business, I made some new friendships, my skills for massage treatment increased, my energy level and concentration has doubled and an old friend offered assistance in nearly every aspect of my life. Thank you so much George for your special wok in clearing the way to prosperity.”
Alan Atkinson – Landscape and Garden Designer

“I personally thought George was a little mad when I met him. What with all this Feng Shui and Chi stuff, I thought he had read too many Fantasy books as a child. However, I have personally seen George tune into my house with the same care a mother gives to their child. I have also seen George repel a very large, over-zealous, ex-Tai Chi student some 10 feet out of harms way. I believe George feels and lives chi energy.

So, when George came to our 106 year old Cane cutters cottage in Nambour and recommended we take the roof off for 7 days to rebirth the house, of course I said fine George lets go ahead!!!….. Well I didn’t, but inside me I knew he was right. And though it took us a little while and a few grey moments I can only tell you it has lifted our house into the 21st Century.

The energy has completely changed. The ceilings feel much higher and the door….( well that’s hard to explain. I gave a talk within 2 days of the roof going back on ( phew) and we filled one workshop in one speaking event. Normally I give the talks and move on without marketing. This crowd just grabbed our work and wouldn’t let it go.

So now I am a believer and I know to trust George’s feelings no matter how ‘hair brained’ they feel to my limited education.”
Kean Buckley Positive Change Facilitator

What Previous Students have said

“Eye opening, inspiring… I am grateful for the practical bedroom suggestions that I implemented straight away; it was amazing how this changed my sleep patterns; I am sleeping more soundly than since the day I moved in.
It makes complete sense; a science of the invisible fields that we all interact with every moment of our lives.
Love K”
Karyn, President Sustainable Communities

Hi George,
Thanks for that presentation. Even though I’ve known you for some time now and gleaned some of your wisdom, I still had more Ahuh moments from your presentation, and that was still, only an introductory presentation. I am no longer reluctantly leaving my current abode, its now a relieving exodus. The new premises is a much brighter place.

“The workshop was great; I enjoyed it and learnt a lot. I always knew Feng shui worked, however, now I have more of an understanding of why it works.”
Julianne. B Interior decorator

“The best Feng Shui course in Australia”.
Rodger Inwod

Learning the true Flying Stars was awesome, not just moving a piece of furniture or painting a room. I felt honored that I was able to attend these classes and have George teach us.”
Leonie Horton

“Great information and plenty of it. I found it very interesting and well presented.”
Elaine Ireland

“George has obvious passion for and commitment to this subject, balanced with an easy going sense of humor. (He showed) patience for students when it took longer to get a grip on some aspects than planned. ”
Lesley Vink

” This (course) has been a golden opportunity for all of us and I am extremely grateful. Thank you. ”
Alexandra Claire

” Amazing information and knowledge contained in this course. Very exciting and much appreciated. ”
Shane Turner


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