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Sometimes the atmosphere or energy of your home or office feels stuck or tired. This may mean you lack motivation, feel stuck or apathetic or your business may be in a slump.

Clutter accumulates quickly or you just feel you need a boost. This is because the flow of qi has become stagnant and no longer feels fresh or new.

Three times a year there is a two week period in which the Qi energy can be activated or stimulated. This raises the level of freshness for a house and is especially useful to stimulate business activity.

The Activation takes the form of a ceremony conducted by a Feng Shui Master, George Bennis at the right time.

These activations provide the perfect timing for house warmings, product launches, staff parties, moving house or simply to create activity and to shift old patterns and issues. There are two qi activations. These are called the Great Sun and the Great Moon formulae.

The Great Sun formula activates the yang qi or prosperity; It is especially beneficial for businesses. The Great Moon formula is used to heal, bond and attract harmony in relationships.

qi activations and blessings with the feng shui advantage

Alan Atkinson

“I was speechless and overwhelmed at the presence of love and spiritual energy that was present in my house that night….”
Alan Atkinson  Landscape & Garden Designer

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