Xuan Kong Da Gua Part 1



This course is for advanced practitioners only.
The Xuan Kong (Time / Space ) school has two branches, the Flying stars and Da Gua.
In order for the stars to work properly they must be supported by the (forms) earth qi.
Da Gua shows you how to tap into the earth qi in order to maximize the effect of the the flying stars.
Oficial FRSC Course
This webinar series is an official FSRC course
George Bennis Certification (http://www.astro-fengshui.com/fsrc/lecturers/Bennis.jpg) Click HERE for the FRSC course outline.

more info
Xuan Kong Da Gua consists of 2 parts.
Xuan Kong Da Gua Part 1
6 x 2 hour modules, incorporating webinar recordings & notes.
Investment $600
Xuan Kong Da Gua Part 2
6 x 2 hour Live webinars, commencing 7.30pm Monday, February 10th, 2014
Investment $700
Each part Consists of 12 hours of live webinar presentation in high resolution video and audio,streamed live in the comfort of your own home.

Each webinar is recorded so you have access to DVD quality recordings and over 150 pages of full colour slides that you can download and print out.

You can pause on each lesson, go back and replay that topic , listen to each track over and over all while viewing the actual slide pages. Because the webinars are recorded their is no need to attend each one live. If you miss a live session just view the recordings “on demand”.

AFSC Recognised training institute