The Living Stars



For Advanced Practitioners Only, those who are well versed in the Flying Star School of Feng Shui.

In this Online training series your understanding and practice of Flying Stars will take a quantum leap.

Standard Model of Flying Stars
You may have been taught that there are timely and untimely stars. Of the 9 Stars, there only 3 stars that can be used in any period: the period star, the future timely star and the distant future star. You may have been led to believe that the stars exist inside the building and are bounded by the 8 sectors. This is the standard model of Flying Stars.

The truth is that the Flying Stars are alive, dynamic and flowing in Nature.

In The Living Stars Online Course, your perception of a building will break free from the narrow, static confines of the 8 sectors. Your analysis and application of a home will come alive with new possibilities. In this totally new paradigm, the living spiritual nature of the stars is revealed.


The course includes:

  • How to use the untimely stars
  • How to use the small tai qi
  • Husband and Wife combinations
  • How to use the forms to direct the qi
  • How to direct sheng qi to overcome sha qi
  • He Tu 5 Rat formulae for high rise buildings
  • Ming Gua and Mountain Star compatibility
  • Po and Hun
  • Water Mouths
  • The flow of qi between palaces

This course opens your mind to new levels of possibilities and your consultations will take a quantum leap.