Elementary Feng Shui



An introduction to classical Feng Shui.

Elementary Feng Shui is for those who are interested in feng shui and wish to have an
introduction to authentic Feng Shui at an entry level. This elementary class includes slides with real life examples and an audio track from Master George.

Elementary Feng Shui unlocks the keys to each concept, with full colour photos of real life examples. This course is presented in Movie Format (.mov) file so you can pause, replay, listen to each track over and over so that you learn at your own pace. This ensures you donʼt miss any piece of vital information.

Although this may be an elementary level course, the information and real life examples contained within reveal feng shui knowledge that is considered “top secret” by many Masters.

Contained with in this course is authentic classical Feng Shui. Elementary Feng Shui forms the foundation for further study.


Topics Include:

Feng Shui History
Feng Shui Schools
Sheng Qi and Sha Qi
The Dragonʼs Lair
Poison Arrows
Favorable and Unfavorable Sites

What this means is you will be able to identify simple design features that attract good fortune what types of locations to avoid why modern, urban design causes stress and illness. You will not be able to do comprehensive analysis of your own home, but will have a better understanding of a what Feng Shui is.

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