Online Courses

feng shui courses onlineOnline Courses are now offered through my Feng Shui Courses Online site.

Feng Shui Courses Online consists of  4 Series

Elementary Feng Shui Online CourseElementary Feng Shui

For those who are interested in feng shui and wish to enter at an introductory level.


Professional Practitioner SeriesProfessional Practitioner Series

The Professional Practitioner series builds on Elementary Feng Shui to give you the minimum theoretical knowledge required to begin to consult professionally.


Advanced Practitioner SeriesAdvanced Practitioner Series

The Advanced Practitioner Series is for consultants who are ready to move their practice to the Highest Level of  the Flying Star School.

Xuan Kong Da Gua Online CourseThe Master Series

Introducing Xuan Kong Da Gua.
Da Gua shows you how to tap into the earth qi in order to maximize the effect of the the flying stars.


I have distilled over 20 years of experience and training in these On Line Courses.

You can benefit from my years of experience,  having studied, researched and applied feng shui techniques and teachings from World Renowned Masters as well as the practical experience of having done thousands of consultations.

Jump over to my new website Feng Shui Courses Online for more info and to enrol in any course now.