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Are you looking for some guidance in your life?
Have you ever asked yourself, what career should I pursue, when will I meet my soul mate, will my children be successful? What will make me happy? Will I ever have enough Money ?

Or would you like to be able to plan your life, make strategic decisions and know when to make the right moves?

Perhaps your at a cross roads and are seeking some clarity and assistance in making the right decisions and choices!

The Feng Shui Advantage, in conjunction with our international partners provides constructive Life readings.

A Life Reading provides vital information about your life journey. Utilising the Chinese Horoscope, 4 Pillars of Destiny as well as other Chinese Astrology and destiny techniques.

The life reading can guide you in areas of love, career, health, children and happiness.
It can also provide information for business planning and strategic timing.

The life reading takes the form of a 60 – 90min┬árecording. The recording is made of your “Life chart” and then sent to you.

After the  recording you may ask further questions about the information you receive

Prior to the reading you are asked to provide your birth details in order to prepare your “birth chart”. The year, month, day and hour as well as location of birth are required.

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