Feng Shui Tips 2012

//Feng Shui Tips 2012

Feng Shui Tips 2012

Year of the Dragon
Feb 4, 2012 – Feb 3, 2013

Each year there are different Feng Shui influences
These influences are called the annual stars.
The annual stars are different qualities of qi.
There is no word in English that can be translated to represent qi.
The closest words would be life force.
We would call qi, the atmosphere, ambience or energy of a location

Each place is unique,two places may be similar in appearance and aspect but have individual qualities of qi. There are 9 major energies to be considered.

The qi have a powerful affect on your health, wealth and well being
The quality of qi changes not only with time but with direction
Some qi is uplifting, prosperous and fortunate, while others are depressing, ruinous and unfortunate.
Knowing where the fortunate and unfortunate qi are located is empowering

Here are the locations of the fortunate and unfortunate qi.

The Feng Shui Compass is the most accurate way of determining the location of the different qi in your home.

The annual star is placed in the centre, it determines how the other energies are placed. It is the ruling star for the year

Each star comes to the centre of the house from the 8 directions. It represents the influence in that area for the year.

Six is the star of Leaders, Politicians and Authority. Being in the centre they rule the year but are unapproachable. The 6 indicates states may have leaders who are not present or rule from afar. Political movements who appear leaderless may emerge. Voters may have uninspiring candidates to choose from

Seven is the star of speech. It is a good location for talking and networking but beware of gossip. Take care with electronic equipment as it is also the star of destruction

Eight is the ruler of the current cycle, 8 is the most fortunate location
Eight is the star of wealth and happiness, money can be made from hard work, being genuine and fair

Nine is the star of performance, fame and recognition. It is also a romance star. This star is excitable, pushy and showy. It is good for the entertainment industry and attracting a relationship

One is the star of studies, wisdom and knowledge. This area can be used for reading, writing and expression. Beware of alcohol consumption

Two is the star of savings and storage this is a good area for doing the accounts and for storage. It is also a sickness star

Three is the star of business wealth. This star can be used for sales and occupations where competitiveness and aggression are required to make money. This area may also bring conflict and argument

Four is the star of artistic and academic activities. It is good for creativity and studying. It can attract love interest. Beware of inappropriate romance

Five is the star of Power and Ambition It is also the star of serious misfortune and illness. Do not disturb this area with movement and activities

The 9 flying stars are like guests staying at your home, residing in different locations, honour them and their will be good fortune.

Each Year there are a number of directions that should not be disturbed by digging or construction. They are called the Tai Sui, Sui Po and the Three Sha

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Feng Shui Tips for the Year of the Dragon are based on traditional Feng Shui schools and is for educational purposes only. The yearly stars should be examined with reference to the flying star chart of your house.

An authentic Feng Shui assessment by a qualified master should be carried out prior to implementing any of the information contained in this presentation.
The Feng Shui Advantage would like to thank Master Joseph Yu

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