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//Feng Shui in the Media

Feng Shui in the Media

Feng shui in the Media provides you with the latest Feng Shui News. Much of what is portrayed as Feng Shui is actually not Feng Shui at all. Learn authentic Feng Shui@fengshuicoursesonline.com

 fs106main-e1476964088947-originalFeng Shui: Expelling evil

The stone lion helps to guard the entrance of your home and ward off evil spirits. (Photo: Latinboy, Wikimedia Commons) 

In many parts   of the world (cultural and religious differences notwithstanding),  there                                                               are numerous  items and symbols that are                                                                   considered “lucky”, or even to ward off evil                                                                 spirits.  We explore how this works in feng                                                                   shui. by Jet Lee. Read More



Nine Principles of Feng Shui That Bring Balance to Your Home

Build in harmony with nature and achieve domestic bliss. Building in harmony with nature is the primary concept behind feng shui, says Gisela H. Stehr, director of Seattle’s Emerald Feng Shui Institute and author of Feng Shui for Life: Connecting the Dots. Read More






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