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Feng Shui in the Media

Feng shui in the Media provides you with the latest Feng Shui News. Much of what is portrayed as Feng Shui is actually not Feng Shui at all. Learn authentic Feng Shui@fengshuicoursesonline.com

Feng Shui mafeng-shuister explains concept to Ajman University students

Mind Growth Companion Betina Lagerstrom recently presented a public lecture at Ajman University of Science and Technology to keep students in the know about current market trends. Read More

indoor-plants-feng-shui-1-use8 (fun) Feng Shui Principles for the home of today 

Our Agony Aunt brings the traditions of homemaking and energy flow into the now with these eight principles. Like quiche, rag-rolling and Madonna’s sex book, feng shui was a fixture of every avant-garde home in the nineties. Read More

Classica24a3-10000__c1992254_16104_836_v03l Feng Shui – Taking note of bad days

WE ALL have our good and bad days. In this article, I will show you how to identify some very bad days. The Year and Month Breaker are two of the most inauspicious of such days, and almost all date selection methods start by eliminating these two. Read More


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