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//Feng Shui in the Media

Feng Shui in the Media

Feng Shui in the Media provides you with the latest Feng Shui News. Much of what is portrayed as Feng Shui is actually not Feng Shui at all. Learn authentic Feng Shui@fengshuicoursesonline.com

What exactly is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the study of how our environment influences our lives. Feng Shui answers the question of why some places prosper and why others bring misfortune.

Through the study of the landscape and the movements of time, the ancient Chinese Read More

The previous house occupants had bad  luck, will I?

What the previous people experienced is an indication, and is to be considered, but you are not them, you do not do the same job they do, or have the same family, so your experience in the home is likely to be quite different.

However, if numerous occupants have experienced similar issues, and the house has changed hands a lot, … Read More



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