Feng Shui for December 2012

//Feng Shui for December 2012

Feng Shui for December 2012

Monthly Stars for December

monthly stars dec 2012December is the Holiday Season. However the flying stars are still at work. Please view the stars that are visiting your home and business for this month
The ruling star for December is the 4 wood star which represents creativity, academic pursuits, art, culture, romance and sex scandal.

The 5 earth star represents the emperor, ambition, power, tyranny, bad luck and obstacle. Unless you are a property tycoon avoid the northwest this month. Use metallic sound and yellow gold colours

The 6 metal star represents authority, politics, career and loneliness. ask for that promotion this month if your office or door is in the west


The 7 metal star it represents speech, networking, cutting and gossip. Join Facebook or start up a network marketing campaign or take up singing lessons If your door is in the northeast. Beware of sunburn or skin infections if your room in in the northeast

The 8 earth star represents steady income, hands, fortune, resting and is good for the young. Face your office chair to the south for good luck this month

The 9 fire star represents beauty, intelligence, promotion, vivacity and explosions. Beware of silly mistakes and illness if your bedroom or door is in the north

The 1 water star represents travel, studies, writing, wisdom communication, knowledge, danger and flooding rain. It is located in the southwest. taking a trip, moving or rewards if you door is in the southwest

The 2 earth star represents savings, frugality, receiving, mothers and illness. Beware of abdominal complaints and conflict between women if your bedroom is in the east.

The 3 wood star represents business wealth, competitive sales, the winning spirit, theft, conflict and argument. Take security precautions and enter competitions if a window or door is located in the southeast. Conflict and argument and money loss as well as liver complaint are indicated in the southeast

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Please note the monthly stars are for informational purposes only. Your home or business feng shui must be taken into consideration when applying the monthly stars

Results will vary.

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