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Welcome to the home of Master George Bennis

Queensland’s only Chinese certified Feng Shui Master Consultant

Knowing how to choose the right consultant for you is very important. After all, your inviting them into your home and trusting them to give you the right advice for you and your family.

You can rest assured that you have found the highest qualified and experienced consultant in Queensland.

The most important factors when determining how to choose a consultant are; 

Training, Experience and Price


The level of training of your consultant determines their ability to assess your home or office, the ability to solve problems and the type of consultation they are capable of handling. For Example to do a feng shui assessment of a business premises, corporate office or commercial development requires specialist “Business Feng Shui Training” or to do a Building Design consultation requires a Masters Degree level of training. Many consultants have only done a Module 1 or 2 training of flying stars or a certificate level of studies. these are the entry levels to classical feng shui, consultants at this level are still doing their apprenticeship.


You want a consultant who you can be confident has the experience to come up with the right recommendations, solve difficult cases, be able to use advanced techniques, is capable of the type of consultation you require, gives you options and isn’t still learning as they do your home. You benefit from the experience of a Master who has learnt from years of consultations.


Price is a good indicator of what level of training and expertise your consultant has. Most practitioners start out charging two or three hundred dollars in the first few years of practice. As they gain confidence, experience and training the fees reflect this. Basing your decision on the cheapest consultant or to save a few dollars is not always the wisest choice. Everyone has a different budget, so I have designed several levels of service from the Basic to the Premium to accommodate this.

Next Step

If you would like to speak to Master George about having a Feng Shui Assessment of your Home or Business, please use the “Book a Consultation” link below. You will be taken to a page with a contact form to fill out, Master George will email or call you to discuss your needs and, if appropriate, to arrange an Consultation.

We look forward to your contact.

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