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Welcome to The Feng Shui Advantage Gold Coast

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World Class Feng Shui Consultancy Gold Coast
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Hi, I am Master George Bennis.

I have helped thousands of people, just like you, improve their lives and surroundings with Feng Shui consulting Gold Coast.

Whether you’re a Business Owner looking to increase profits, a Home Owner planning to decorate and renovate, wishing to build a Feng Shui Home, or perhaps you’re interested in becoming a Professional Consultant you can benefit from my expertise as a Feng Shui Consultant and advisor.

No matter what the reason, let me show you how Feng Shui may bring Health, Harmony and Prosperity to your life.

Feng Shui or Qi of the Gold Coast

The Gold coast of Queensland with its spectacular natural beauty has the essential ingredients for Health, Wealth and a lifestyle the envy of the world. The Gold Coast boasts excellent Feng Shui, from the beautiful Great Dividing  Mountain range to the golden sands of the beaches from Surfers Paradise to Coolangatta.

In Feng Shui, the mountains are responsible for health and people whist water is responsible for wealth.

For people interested in community and rural living, Hinterland townships such as Mt Tamborine are located high-up on the mountain range, “riding on the dragon’s back

The southern end of the Gold Coast

The southern end of the Gold Coast features many headlands, known as ‘Dragon Heads”. These headlands travel from the main mountain range or “Mountain Dragon” and head towards the coast to meet the sea. An auspicious feng shui feature,  an example of which, is Burleigh heads.

The Greeting dividing range travels from north to south and is west of the gold coast’s spectacular water ways and the ocean. Having the water in the east brings wealth to the gold coast and with the “mountain dragon”  opposite, means the area can produce and attract world famous people.

The Gold Coast boasts many spectacular water ways such as the Coomera and Nerang rivers, along with numerous canal estates, such as Runaway Bay and Biggera Waters, bringing wealth and prosperity to these locations.

South Strandbroke island forms a protective barrier against the ocean. This feature helps to contain the qi making  Sovereign and Hope island so prosperous and ensuring people stay in the area.

The southern end of the gold coast includes world famous surfing beaches Kirra and Snapper rocks, whilst the meandering “water dragon” of Currumbin creek flows down from the beautiful Currumbin Valley and meets the ocean, forming an estuary, making it the perfect family friendly beach and brings prosperity to Currumbin.

What To Expect From A Feng Shui Consultant On The Gold Coast:

  • A Personal Energy Assessment or Ming Gua Report.
  • A Flying Star Feng Shui Report.
  • An On-site Feng Shui Consultation.
  • A Qi or Chi Map of Home.
  • Give Advice to Balance Qi or Chi in the Home.

So what is Feng Shui? See a more in-depth discussion on my blog.

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“George’s Professional approach to Feng Shui help me to understand how our building effects our work.” – Matthew Alderson, Solicitor