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Feng Shui Calendar

I get lots of people asking me about special dates in the Calendar. There are various date selection methods for determining favourable and unfavourable dates.

As a rule, the general, one-date-fits-all approach is the least effective. Whilst the personalised approach of the 4 Pillars and Da Gua Calendar along with Divination techniques such as Qi Men Dun Jia are very accurate.

There are emails circulating around claiming that certain months and years have special dates where they all add up to 13 or they have five mondays etc and are claimed to come from Feng Shui.  These emails are usually spam and attempt to collect the email address from your address book. Feng Shui is about how buildings, people and the landscape interact, it has nothing to do with special numbers. Feng Shui has nothing to do with these calendars.

This Calendar is NOT Feng Shui
Fake calendar

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