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The location, design and layout of your business premises plays a crucial role in the success and profitability of your business, whether its a corporate office, warehouse, factory, street front premises or home office.

Business Feng Shui is used by some of the largest corporations, banks and offices in the world. If it didn’t work they wouldn’t use it, Full stop.

When locating, designing and setting out your business premises feng shui may assist in creating a profitable and productive space with a pleasant atmosphere that is appreciated by your customers and staff alike.

Business Feng Shui Is a specialised field of feng shui consultancy, requiring specific training. You can’t feng shui a business like you do a home. Most practitioners don’t have that specialised expertise. You can rest assured that your business consultation will be conducted by a Master in this field.

business consultations with Master George Bennis

Takis testimonial

“George Bennis is an expert on business Feng Shui”
Takis Karagiannopoulos Feng Shui Practitioner

“Thank you so much for your report. We have commenced working the sales in Sydney differently, (on your recommendation) and they have made 4 sales this week, which have added around $22K to the annual revenues over 12 months. It’s one of the best weeks they have had for months.
In terms of the implementation, I have started on it and we’ve got the music in, new artworks being looked at, paint has been selected and purchased etc. It’s all coming together and I’m very grateful. It all made perfect sense.
Thank you again!”
Rowena M. CEO

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