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Designing from the ground up maximises the potential of your site.
The benefits of fortunate landform features such as beautiful mountains or watercourses may be fully realised.

The direction of driveways and paths along with room usage, colour schemes, interior decoration and design may be chosen in advance. All design decisions are made in accordance with the qi map and the required function of the space.

Not only may your dream home be beautiful, functional and in keeping with your style it may also be made to maximise your life potential. The placement of each room, landscape features and decoration themes are all carefully chosen to achieve harmony and balance. Bedrooms and kitchens are located to boost health, rest and rejuvenation whilst living areas are located in the active vibrant energies.

When choosing a site your “Ming gua” (pronounced ming gwar) may be used to locate the most compatible home for you. Your “Ming gua” is your personal energy signature. When a house is in harmony with your personal energy signature the space feels like it is tailor made for you.

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