703, 2012

What is Feng Shui – 1

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Originally Posted by Master George on December 2nd, 2007 Feng Shui is a complex, intricate, profound and yet simple art. Feng Shui is that body of knowledge that examines the impact of environmnent on human fortune. Environmental factors are often cited as contributory to human health, wealth, succes and happiness. A good environment makes people feel comfortable, at ease and relaxed. This good environment then in turn provides the motivational energy, inpiration and backdrop within which good health, wealth and succes can occur. A poor environment can create stress, tension and attract conflict.This then can lead to illness, struggle, social [...]

1804, 2012

What is Feng Shui – 2

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The Feng Shui Advantage, Brisbane The only substance to collect and contain qi is water, therefore the most fortunate sites are ones where there is water. It is no coincidence that the most expensive real estate is water frontage. As this is where qi collects, people want to gather, where people want to gather is much sought after, what is much sought after is highly priced. The texts say ”Qi rides the wind and is retained at the boundary of water” Feng Shui Principal states that “Water equals wealth” Sites that catch the wind are the next most fortunate locations. [...]

604, 2012

What is Feng Shui – 3

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The Compasss Schools as they have become know in the west are known as the “Li Qi” Schools. This means the qi distribution or pattens or order of qi schools. These Feng Shui compass systems provide various systems to classify the qi. One of the basic foundation principals of feng shui is that the quality of qi alters when received form the various points of the compass. In other words different direction have different types or quality of qi. Each one of the “compass schools” uses different formula to classify and map the different quality of qi coming from the [...]

2302, 2014

Bad Feng Shui 1

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Certain locations and positions of buildings simply have bad feng shui. In a series of posts I will point out some common feng shui problems. No Windows and Squeezing sha 1. It has no windows 2. It is being squeezed by the neighbours Having no windows is like having no eyes , no natural light can enter the building, it can't see. As the windows also admit air it can't breathe. Being located in between two buildings is called the "squeezing sha". The building is under pressure. for an introduction into Classical Chinese Feng Shui and more examples [...]

703, 2014

Bad Feng Shui 2

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According to feng shui principals the front of a home is akin to the face of a person. The door is the mouth and the windows the eyes Dark, depressing colours, especially the colour black may indicate illness for a person. having black for the doors and windows suggests the "home" is ill. Black Windows and Doors for an introduction into Classical Chinese Feng Shui and more examples of bad feng shui purchase my elementary course here

2803, 2014

Bad Feng Shui 3

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Houses below the road level The road or street is a virtual river. When a home is built below the road level it is like it is submerged below the virtual stream.  In nature the low lying land below a river or stream's level is usually a swamp, where the water often stagnates. Houses below the road level have a greater yin influence from the earth, therefore they may be colder, darker, damper and are subject to flooding as water flows to the lowest point. House below the road level   When a home is substantially below the [...]

1105, 2014

Bad Feng Shui 4 – voodoo knives

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A basic principle of Feng Shui is that what an object looks like or represents attracts a certain amount of the qi of the universe to that object. Over time that object then transmits that qi into the universe, thus it attracts and exudes that type of qi. for example if an object looks like a weapon then it becomes a beacon for attracting a certain amount of the experience, action and intention of that object. These object just require the type of qi that matches that object to be present in that location and that experience may manifest. Just [...]

2406, 2016

Feng Shui in the Media

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Feng Shui in the Media blog showcases how Feng Shui is portrayed in the media. Much of what is portrayed as Feng Shui is actually not Feng Shui at all.   Australia's Prime Minister has photo shoot in front of a helicopter. Because the helicopter is moved to get a better angle for a photo the media called it feng shui. Read the article here: PM's Feng Shui Helicopter   A man tells woman if she has sex with him it will bring her boy friend back. She believes him because he knows Feng Shui               [...]