Beware of Feng Shui on the Internet

//Beware of Feng Shui on the Internet

Beware of Feng Shui on the Internet

I receive a lot of calls from the public with concerns about their homes or businesses based on information they have read on the internet.

Most of them need not be concerned, what they are worried about is actually not an issue.

For example, I had a call from a person who was doing major renovations on their house. They had read that water should not be on the South side of the home. His  house faced south and he was planning a large water feature.

They had read that  south was fire and water shouldn’t be placed there because water clashed with fire. He went on to say that he reason that water should be in the south east because that’s wood and it is also the wealth sector.

My reply was that there is no static, unchanging, one size fits all placement for water.

In fact water in the south could be very auspicious for some homes and yet disastrous for others.

Water placement is an individual case by case basis. There are many different “water formulas”. I will cover these in the “Water Methods” webinar later in the year.

In the xian tien ba gua the water trigram is opposite the fire trigram. Each line of the trigrams are complimentary opposites, showing water balances fire. Saying that water can’t be in the south just shows a misunderstand of the trigrams and their relationships


Xian Tien Ba Gua

The reason people say these types of things is because in the 80’s and 90’s someone tried to turn feng shui into a simple one size fits all, new age thing. So they assigned different aspects of life such as fame, wealth, helpful people, health, children etc and attached them to what we call in feng shui circles the Hou Tien Ba Gua.

In this system the “wealth sector” was in the southeast, So instead of engaging a highly trained and experienced master to examine your homes feng shui, all you had to do was to place the “Ba Gua” over your floor plan and activate what ever life area you wanted help with. So simple any one can do it.  Any one could be come a feng shui expert in an afternoon. This was great for mass appeal but it had devastating consequences, not only were people very disappointed in feng shui,  but some had a severely negative outcomes as well.

To this day, the general public is influenced by this bastardisation of feng shui and are confused by all this misinformation.




The New Age Ba Gua is Not Feng Shui


Authentic Feng Shui is priceless, free feng shui on the internet is worthless. Be wary of any one size fits all information. If your home and your life are important to you then invest in an authentic feng shui consultation.

George Bennis

Master of Feng Shui, FSRC

President AFSC

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