Bad Feng Shui 4 – voodoo knives

A basic principle of Feng Shui is that what an object looks like or represents attracts a certain amount of the qi of the universe to that object.

Over time that object then transmits that qi into the universe, thus it attracts and exudes that type of qi.

for example if an object looks like a weapon then it becomes a beacon for attracting a certain amount of the experience, action and intention of that object.

These object just require the type of qi that matches that object to be present in that location and that experience may manifest.

Just imagine what type of qi is being attracted with these “voodoo knife” sets.

I wouldn’t want to be in the kitchen when the qi of conflict and argument flew into the sector with one of these object there.


Bad Feng Shui Knife Set

Bad Feng Shui Knife Set

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