Bad Feng Shui 3

//Bad Feng Shui 3

Bad Feng Shui 3

Houses below the road level

The road or street is a virtual river. When a home is built below the road level it is like it is submerged below the virtual stream.  In nature the low lying land below a river or stream’s level is usually a swamp, where the water often stagnates.

Houses below the road level have a greater yin influence from the earth, therefore they may be colder, darker, damper and are subject to flooding as water flows to the lowest point.

House below the road level

House below the road level


When a home is substantially below the road level the surrounding homes are “looking down upon” it, it is like the home is hiding or crouching down, which is bad feng shui

There may be exceptions, for example where the house faces a view away from the road, in other words, when the street is at the back of the home.

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