About Master George

Master George BennisThe Feng Shui Advantage is a world class Classical Feng Shui Practitioner Training Academy and Consultancy. The Feng Shui Advantage specialises in Practitioner Training, Business Feng Shui and Building Design consultancy.

Master George Bennis is one of only two FSRC accredited Feng Shui Masters in Australia. He has studied and practised Feng Shui in the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan.
George’s interest in Feng Shui began when his ¬†teacher mentioned the subject over dinner one night in Sydney’s Chinatown. George then asked to learn Feng Shui from him. This request was refused as he was informed that Feng Shui was a ” Chinese Secret”.

After repeated requests to learn he was set a test that his teacher was sure he would fail. He was given a task to identify the reason why 4 Businesses in Chinatown had closed down. If correctly identified he would then be taught Feng Shui. After much deliberation, George successfully identified the Feng Shui problems that had lead to the business failure, much to the surprise of his teacher! George was then taught the ” Form School” of Feng Shui.

George furthered his studies in Feng Shui and other energy related modalities such as dowsing, space clearing and crystals with scientist Kevin Masman and world-renowned consultant Karen Kingston. Further investigation revealed that in order to become a professional consultant he must learn the “Flying Star” system

Chinese Flying Star specialist, Master Joseph Yu, then trained George in this art. Master Yu has a background in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Hong Kong.

In 2007, after 14 years of study and practice George was awarded the title Master of Feng Shui, by Master Joseph Yu.

George has published articles in Ideas magazine, Conscious Living, Natural Life Review and has appeared in the courier mails “Business Enterprise” section. George has also appeared on local radio and Television. George is the principal of the Feng Shui Advantage Academy of Feng Shui, manages his own consultancy firm and has guest lectured to the Queensland University of Technology’s school of interior design and built environment, The Master Builders Association of Queensland and The Interior Designers Association

George has worked on the design stage of large projects such as conference centres and an entire school of over 15 buildings